MPA in Healthcare Management

Public administration is the study of the implementation of government policy. This discipline is specifically tailored toward preparing civil servants for government work. Public administration covers such topics as how the government functions, how to manage public programs, and how the government policies, programs, and workers are organized. This field is closely related to the disciplines of human resources, organizational theory, policy analysis and statistics, budgeting, and ethics.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree prepares students to serve as a manager in the executive branch of governments, from local to federal, as well as in non governmental and nonprofit organizations. The healthcare management concentration focuses on the delivery of health care services and the broader social, cultural, and economic factors that influence health outcomes. MPA degrees generally takes two years to complete. Some programs may require relevant work experience from applicants. Coursework includes such subjects as managerial communication and leadership, healthcare management, healthcare financing, managerial information systems, strategic planning, law, government and political process, among others. An MPA in healthcare management prepares graduates for careers in public, private, and non-profit healthcare facilities, including hospitals, health centers, physician offices, and other settings.