MBA in Public Administration Degree Programs

The Master of Business Administration degree provides students with skills in the core areas of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, and others. Those who specialize in public administration have the skills to work closely with government officials in writing and shaping policies that affect the public. This concentration focuses on the study of executive organization, management, public policy, executive-legislative relations, public budgetary processes, and financial management.

An MBA in public administration provides students with decision-making skills, public organization budgeting skills, management and supervisory abilities, and the ability to effectively organize projects.

To pursue a Master in Business Administration program, there are no prerequisites; however, most institutions require students to pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). These programs generally take two years to complete. Coursework can include subjects such as administrative law, behavior management, budgeting and financial management, human resources and labor relations, public administration, public policy, organizational theory, public management, social research methods, statistics, among others. Upon completion of this degree, students can pursue career opportunities with federal or municipal governments, grantmaking or giving services, social advocacy groups, or civic and social organizations.

MBA in Public Administration Degree Programs

Guide to Masters In Public Health Programs

Below are descriptions of the top online masters in public health programs offered. Use the links next to each college to request free information from that university about the degrees it offers that interest you. If you're considering enrolling in a masters in public health program, we recommend that you request information from at least 4 different colleges as there are significant differences between tuition, degree requirements, etc. which can best be explained by the colleges themselves.

Walden University – The online Master of Public Health Program at Walden is a practice oriented degree that includes courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, healthcare policy, health administration, and behavioral sciences.

Kaplan University – The online Master in Public Health degrees at Kaplan University prepare students for healthcare careers in government, non profits, and private organizations. Kaplan offers numerous concentrations within their online Masters in Public Health programs such as; health program development, epidemiology, health education and health promotion.

Grand Canyon University – For student with a busy schedule or they want to quickly achieve career goals, GCU offers an online MS of Public Health program that accomplishes just that. Assignments can be complete is an environment of your choosing.

Benedictine University – The online Master in Public Health programs at Benedictine University prepare students to help combat poverty, inequities, disease and epidemics. In addition to its general MPH degree.

Boston University – With an MS in Health Communication from Boston University, students can enter high level positions and begin to apply their education to their careers. Our career oriented assignments engages students with knowledge and skills they will need.

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