A Complete Overview of Public Health Organizations and Careers

Public health is a worthy field to go into. Understanding how to help others, and learning how to improve their situations can be a good way to help others. There are many ways to help others in the field of public health. You can work with organizations that educate, or be an administrator. It is also possible to be a public health researcher, or help in communities.

Public Health Organizations

There are a number of public health organizations that specialize in educating others, and encouraging better health outcomes for more people. Some of the public health organizations that are most effective and recognized include:

  • World Health Organization: The World Health Organization is an international organization that concentrates on research, education and help to developing nations.
  • American Public Health Association: One of the most respected — and oldest — public health organizations in the world is the APHA.
  • U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: This is the U.S. government’s official public health organization. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services oversees public health policy in the U.S.
  • European Public Health Association: The EUPHA is an umbrella organization for European public health. A research and scientific organization interested in furthering public health policy.
  • Association of Schools of Public Health: If you are interested in the schools that can teach you public health, this association can help you. The ASPH also includes information on public health jobs, policy and more.
  • National Institutes of Health: The United States has a medical research organization that offers insight into public health and education. The National Institutes of Health are several and specialized.
  • Public Health Association of Australia: This is Australia’s public health organization, offering research, and health care for the folks living Down Under.
  • Public Health Institute: A non-profit public health organization. The Public Health Institute is devoted to helping those around the country and around the world improve their health.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: A credible source for information and public health. The CDC provides information on different conditions and diseases, and offers warnings and education.
  • Association of State and Territorial Health Officials: State and territorial health officials are represented by the ASTHO, and there are statistics and information offered.
  • Association for Prevention Teaching and Research: This public health organization, the APTR, is meant to help professionals learn about one another, and teach them how to prevent health problems, and teach others.

Careers in Public Health

There are a number career opportunities that you can follow in public health. The above public health organizations include a number of opportunities that provide a way for you to help others, as well as for you to make a good living. Some of the fields that you can consider for a public health career include:


If you are interested in changing the way public health is viewed and addressed in the public sphere, you can become involved in public health policy. You can work at think tanks to help develop policy papers and/or work with legislators to draft education. You can also work with professional associations to lobby for desired public health outcomes.

Public and private foundations also often need the services of knowledgeable people who can articulate policy positions, as well as do research. Public health consultants can also provide insight to corporations, and provide helpful suggestions for scientific innovation in the field of health care. Public health analysts, who can evaluate programs and help implement new ideas are also in demand right now. Some of the jobs you can do in public health policy include:

  • Health care analyst
  • Government agency positions
  • Project specialist
  • Research specialist
  • Public policy specialist
  • Director of health foundations
  • University professor
  • Health economist


Those who like to be at the forefront of public health can work in administration. Public and private administration opportunities are available for those interested in public health. As an administrator, you will be expected to manage different institutions devoted to health care and public health. This can include health care delivery programs, administration in hospitals and hospices, directors of clinics, and directors of health care research institutions and programs. You might also be in insurance administration. Some of the jobs that you might do while working in public health administration include:

  • Hospital CEO, director or other position of leadership
  • Health care administrator
  • Nursing home director
  • Information systems manager
  • Manager of health care unit
  • Health services analyst
  • Health policy analyst
  • Managed care administrator

Community Practice

Those interested in being “in the trenches” might be interested in a position in community practice. This area of public health features the ability to work with the public, actively helping with health care. With a masters in public health, it is possible to deliver health care and supplies directly. You might work for governments, international public health organizations, and community centers and health service providers. Some of the jobs you can expect to see in this area of public health include:

  • Health scientist
  • Registered nurse and/or nurse practitioner
  • Doctor
  • Medical assistant or physician assistant
  • Community health assessment specialist
  • Director for community health programs
  • Worker or director with substance abuse programs
  • Professor


You can help others learn about public health. You can help others learn about public health. With a degree in public health, you can teach others about improving health outcomes, and how to prevent diseases. Universities, schools, organizations, legislative committees, consulting firms and others might be interested in having someone who can offer education information and direct public health educational programs.

Some of the jobs that fall under umbrella of public health education are:

  • Virology trainer
  • Professor
  • Outreach specialist
  • Director of programs
  • Disease prevention coordinator
  • Public health educator
  • Community health educator
  • Nurse educator


In addition to more active roles, it is possible to get involved with public health research. A multi-disciplinary background can help in addition to your masters in public health degree. Researchers in public health can be especially benefited by backgrounds in biology, behavioral science, psychology, and social science. Some of the jobs available to a public health researcher include:

  • Research associate
  • Data analyst
  • Statistician
  • Microbiologist
  • Post-doctoral fellow
  • Director of clinical research
  • Vaccine director
  • Policy analyst