Top 50 Food Safety Blogs

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or just making some PBJ at home, food safety is all around you. It affects everything far beyond the fast food burger. Seafood, produce, and even the water that comes from your tap are all on the line in the fight for food that is healthy, delicious, and that won’t have you popping the Pepto.

However, with the latest food outbreak news seeming to always come right after you have eaten, getting timely information can be very important. To help in the quest to keep you and your family’s food safe, we have gathered the below top 50 food safety blogs. They are authored by everyone from government watchdogs, to private advocates, to food experts, and anonymous insiders who can have you looking at your next meal in a different capacity.

Top Food Safety Blogs by a Group

These groups, associations, and organizations make food safety their priority.


The True Food Network

Over 180,000 members across the country are saying “yes” to true food. Part of the Center for Food Safety, they have all sorts of action alerts for food safety and even a True Food Shopper’s Guide available as an app. Legislations and happenings on food legislation are often featured.

Barf Blog

The name may not be appealing, but the bloggers at Kansas State University do more than make up for it. Everyone from professors of food safety to students stop by to post on safe food “from farm to fork.” Topics range from allergies to the wacky and weird.

Food Safety

Visit here for a gateway to federal food safety information. A group of bloggers from the CDC to the FDA stop by to share practical information and tips to help you and your family stay food safe. In addition to the many updated blog articles, you can even send in a question to the experts.

Buy Safe, Eat Well

Part of the Consumer’s Union, they are a place for action on both safe products and food. Food safety, including contaminants, E. coli, and others, often take center stage. Along with the blog, they have a newsroom and the option to share your food or product story.

US Food Safety

This organization is an award winning food safety resource. Recent posts are on pesticide residue and farm raised seafood. Click on the main site to get information on recalls, allergen alerts, and even to send in your questions.

Eating Liberally

This blog hopes to help others free themselves “from the fossil fuel food chain.” Learn about how food can lessen impact through simple changes. One of the latest posts was on saving the economy by changing what we eat.

Keep Our Food Safe

Eating food that’s wholesome, safe, and plentiful is a basic expectation that these bloggers all share. In addition to blog posts, there are also podcasts for the listening. Be sure not to miss the section on food safety issues with more.

La Vida Locavore

Member bloggers stop by here to visit and share their own food safety stories. Stop in to read the diaries of others or make your own. Notable entries include the Mexico diaries and how chicken gets to your plate.

The Ethicurean

Bonnie Powell and friends founded this blog in 2006 as a way to explore their curiosity on how food got to their table. It has now grown to include food news, policy, safety, labor, and other topics. Recent entries are on a natural products expo and a tortilla project.

News and Videos About Food Safety

Was there a food safety story that you just missed? Then check out this feed from CNN. It contains all their stories that were listed under food safety. Both text and videos are included.

Top Food Safety Blogs by an Individual

These individuals also chime in on food safety via blog.

Food Politics

Marion Nestle is a professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and professor of Sociology at New York University. With a host of books published on everything from people food to pet food, you can learn about all kinds of food safety. She recently discussed the food politics of Barcelona.

eFood Alert

Phyllis Entis is the author of “Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives” and this blog. She has been a food safety microbiologist for 35 years and has worked both in government and industry. Readers in over 190 countries stop by to get her expert opinion on the food industry.

Perishable Pundit

Jim Prevor is widely recognized as a leader in understanding and assessing the state of the perishable food industries. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of both “Produce Business” and “Deli Business” magazines. Stop by his blog to read the latest in food headlines, as well as read his responses.

NC Fresh Produce Safety

Diane Ducharme is an associate in Horticulture & Food Safety with NC MarketReady Program at North Carolina State University. Along with others, she discusses food safety acts, task forces, and much more. A recent entry was on farms who participated in the NC Fresh Produce Safety Initiative.

Food Safety Insider

This anonymous blogger takes on the truth about food. Everything from Greenpeace to safe eggs is discussed. One of the latest posts was on a Portuguese food study.

Safe Food

John is from New Zealand where he is a professional food microbiologist. He created this blog to help ordinary folks and food manufacturers understand food safety to reduce the incidence of food mediated illness. Both local and international topics are discussed.

Food Safety Chat

Dr. Louise Manning has a PhD in global food production and is a 2007 Nuffield Scholar. Her study was on global water policy and its impact on food production. Since then, she has blogged on literally hundreds of food safety topics from salmonella to bottled water recalls.

Food Safety Info Sheets

The Food Safety Infosheet website is designed and maintained by Dr. Benjamin Chapman and his team at North Carolina State University. Food safety infosheets are passive, postable communication tools targeted at the food service industry. However, anyone can stop by to get the latest in policy and practice for food safety.

Food Safety and Quality Management

John Surak is principal of Surak and Associates, a full service food safety and quality consulting service. Together with Jeffrey Cawley, they author this blog on the very title. Industry standards, methods, and much more are all shared.

Agra Point Food Safety

Niki Petrie is the director of food quality and safety at AgraPoint. Along with others, they share a dialogue on making food safer in the blog. Get info on everything from sandwiches to salsa with a read.

Top Food Safety Law Blogs

Because there is a law for everything, check out these food safety legal blogs.

Defending Food Safety

Get commentary from the nation’s preeminent food safety defense attorneys here. Their lawyers work with food companies nationwide, helping them avoid risk, prevent litigation, manage recalls, and defend high profile foodborne illness. You can visit for the latest food safety news, as well as many litigation resources and topics.

Food Liability Blog

Discussion of emerging legal threats to the food industry can be found here. The blog is part of Stoel Rives, LLP and include everything from antitrust to uniform commercial code. One of the most recent entries was on a foot and mouth disease study from the UK.

Marler Blog

Bill Marler is an accomplished personal injury and products liability attorney. His blog provides expert legal commentary on food poisoning outbreaks and litigation.

Food Poison Journal

Food poisoning outbreaks and litigation are discussed here. Five lawyers gather to spotlight everything from international food safety to local outbreaks. One of the most recent posts was on a cheese recall.

Food Poisoning Blog

This blog is part of Parker and Waichman, LLP. You can use their column on the left to send in your food poisoning legal questions and potential cases. The blog is constantly updated with the latest in food poisoning news.

Food Poisoning Law Blog

Fred Pritzker is one of America’s most experienced food safety lawyers. In addition to being involved in just about every food illness outbreak, he also advocates for food safety. A recent post examined a food poisoning case at an elementary school.

Food Law Blog

If all the lawyer talk has you a bit perplexed, stop here. The blog is dedicated to covering U.S. food law. The FDA, global food policy, and more are all discussed.

International Food Law

Go beyond just U.S. law and policy in this blog. Countries North, West, East, and South are all discussed. One of the latest entries was on regulation between the U.S. and the E.U.

The Food Illness Blog

How do salmonella and mice go together? Visit Jules Zacher blog to find out. It has been months since his last entry, but the archives are definitely worth a look.

Food in America

Visit here for a food law and policy blog. Patrick hopes to discuss issues such as food safety, law, policy, farm, and nutrition policy. Although blog posts are sparse, the raw milk resources alone are worth a look.

Top Food Safety Disease Blogs

Read more about the diseases commonly associated with food safety below.

Botulism Blog

Get surveillance and analysis on botulism news and outbreaks here. Subjects such as outbreaks, recalls, and legal cases are all discussed. A case on a five month was old was recently featured.

HBV & HCV Advocate Hepatitis Blog

Because hepatitis can happen when food isn’t safe, check out this blog. Their goal is to keep the audience up to date on information about hepatitis and to answer some audience questions. Learn about all forms of the disease in one visit.

The Hepatitis Blog

So what is the difference between hepatitis A, B, and C? Read this blog for special sections on each. Even hepatitis D and E are discussed and taught about.

E. coli Lawyer

Part legal blog, part food safety blog. These lawyers specialize in E. coli and have more here. Sections include recalls, outbreaks, testing, and others.

Salmonella Food Poisoning

Learn more about what salmonella is and how it is transferred with a visit here. Outbreaks in the news are often featured. You can also learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

About Hepatitis A

This is the one most commonly associated with food safety. Learn about prevention, symptoms, and more with one visit. Recent related items in the news are also shared.

Listeria Lawsuit

It may sound like a mouthwash, but listeria is actually a form of food poisoning. Learn more about it with a visit to this blog from the Law Firm of Eric H. Weinberg. You can get client instructions and even a free case evaluation with a visit.

Norovirus Blog

This type of food poisoning is commonly associated with cruise ships but not exclusive to them. This blog keeps close tabs on where and when outbreaks happen. You can also get information on legal cases and other resources.

Shigella Blog

An intestinal infection, it is commonly associated with dysentery. Learn all about shigella and resulting cases here. Recent outbreaks and news are also discussed.

Human Intestinal Parasite Invasion

Robert A. Meyer has been investigating economics, philosophy, and metaphysics for 30 years. He discovered many secrets that allow an individual to enjoy the highest levels of spiritual and physical fitness. A short read, his blog discusses parasites, and the main site has more.

Other Top Food Safety Blogs

Get the best of the rest in food safety blogs below.

Eating Well

You can read all the food safety blogs above, but if you aren’t practicing good habits in your own kitchen, it can be for nothing. Suzie’s tips show you how to keep food safe in your own home. Sanitizing, packaging, storing, and much more are all shared.


Food safety from the land of Singapore is featured in this blog. With a tagline of “never waste calories on yucky food,” the blog strives to do just that. Get tips for locals, as well as beyond, in one stop.

The Bovine

What is raw milk and why should Americans have access to it? Check out this blog from Michael Schmidt of Glencolton Farms to find out. Updates and details are often featured via the blog.

Farm Policy

Keith has an extensive background in Midwest agriculture, having grown up in Central Illinois where his family has successful farming operations. His blog provides a daily summary of news relating to U.S. farm policy, such as the U.S. and global agricultural economy, production agriculture, trade, biofuels, and crop insurance. The Farm Bill is the topic of the latest posts.

Handwashing for Life

Because safe food means little if prepared with dirty hands, click here. This association is dedicated to reducing the risk of illness by overcoming underwashing. See how and read the latest updates here.

The Ban of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the U.S.

Think this form of sweetener is a form of food unsafety? With a significant proportion of people showing allergies to fructose, it can be a culprit. See how and why Ivan wants to have it banned with a blog read.

Sweet Spot Blog

For every point, a counterpoint. This blog is authored by the Corn Refiners Association and an attempt to engage in a constructive conversation about high fructose corn syrup. Their goal is to clear up misperceptions by presenting science-based facts and resources, so consumers can make informed decisions.

Food Safety News

Get food safety from the Canadian perspective in this blog. Cowboss hopes to speak relevant words on food and policy through entries. One of the most recent entries was on a Canadian water supply contaminated by radioactive waste.

Food Safety

Get a blog dedicated to food safety services in Asia. With a focus on India, Vishal Gupta takes on a variety of topics. Although a few updates would be welcome, the blog is an interesting read for those who want to learn more about international food thoughts.

The Gourmet Guardian

Food safety down under is the topic here. Gavin Buckett is a food safety specialist, a multiple award-winning chef, and serial entrepreneur. With many achievements to his credit, you can get food safety information from Australia on topics such as prevention and statistics.

If you suspect you have suffered some type of food poisoning or other type of food borne illness, check with a physician before following any of the advice contained in the above top 50 food safety blogs.