Top 50 Diabetes Blogs

If you don’t know someone who has been affected by diabetes yet, you probably will during your lifetime. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with some form of diabetes each year. While most children who are diagnosed with diabetes suffer from Type 1, in which the pancreas has no ability to make insulin, most adults over the age of 30 are diagnosed with Type 2, which may be treated without insulin in some cases. It is clear to many within the diabetes blogosphere that unity must be the goal if a cure for diabetes could ever be found.

The World Health Organization reported in 2000 that there were at least 171 million people worldwide who suffer from diabetes. That is nearly three percent of the world’s population, and they expect that number to almost double by the year 2030. Public health concern lies not only in finding a cure for those who suffer, but also finding a way to improve public health worldwide in order to prevent new cases from popping up. To help give you a better understanding of diabetes, preventative measures that can be taken, as well as treatment, we’ve gathered a list of the top 50 diabetes blogs that best represent excellence in content and research.

Diabetes Social Networks

  1. Blogabetes : Blogabetes is an interesting site because it meshes together several different blogs about diabetes all into one feed on the front page.
  2. Tudiabetes dot org : Tudiabetes is a social network for people with all forms of diabetes. Featured blog posts are displayed on the front page.
  3. Diabetic Round Table : The Diabetic Round Table is a community blog designed to let a group of people share their lives and their struggle with diabetes.
  4. JDRF Blogger Round Table : The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation hosts this round table discussion as a way to bring the best Type 1 diabetes bloggers from around the Web together in one place.
  5. Diabetes Sisters : Diabetes Sisters is a group that was created to help women take care of their health needs as well as their spiritual needs.
  6. Divabetic : This seriously fun website is the blog of Divabetic–diabetes outreach for women. You’ll find inspiration and news about events here.

Personal Blogs Of Diabetics

  1. Diabetes and Neuropathy : Lee Nevitt, a man from the UK, blogs about his diabetic neuropathy, his daily struggle with severe pain, and his treatment within the UK health care system.
  2. The Diabetic Pastry Chef : Stacey Harris was in culinary school when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Her blog is full of delicious dessert recipes that diabetics can enjoy.
  3. Danieldoo : A family lives with Asperger’s, Type 1 Diabetes, and Multiple Sclerosis.
  4. Type 2 Diabetes–A Personal Journey : Alan is an Aussie with Type 2 diabetes. This blog is his way to keep others updated about news in diabetes research.
  5. Rachel’s Diabetes Tales : Rachel Baumgartel was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes before the age of 30. She blogs about life with the condition, and her husband has had Type 1 for over 20 years.
  6. Scott’s Diabetes Journal : Scott Johnson has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1980, and he understands the struggle facing others with the condition.
  7. Bernard Farrell : Bernard Farrell blogs about living with Type 1 diabetes for DiabetesDaily.
  8. One Type One : Amylia is a writer who has been living with Type 1 diabetes since she was a child, and she recently celebrated 20 complication-free years.
  9. Diabetes Stories : Riva Greenberg writes this excellent blog designed to help readers stay motivated and educated so they can keep up with their diabetes management.
  10. Six Until Me : Kerri Morrone Sparling is the author of this outstanding blog which features interviews with authorities on diabetic living and posts on her personal journey.
  11. Diabetes TalkFest : Gina is a social networking maven, blogger extraordinaire, diabetes advocate, and insulin pump user. Her blog details her week-by-week progress as a Type 1 diabetic.
  12. Allie’s Voice : Allie has been fighting diabetes since she was a child in 1985. The recent recipient of a new kidney, she plans to feature groundbreaking companies on her blog.
  13. Living With Diabetes and Lapband : Kathleen Weaver is a computer science teacher who blogs about her daily struggle with diabetes, eating right, pumping, and keeping it all balanced.
  14. Curious Girl : Nicole is Curious Girl, who also happens to be diabetic. She blogs about life and the way things like romance get tangled up in her insulin pump.
  15. Dorkabetic : Hannah is a self-professed nerd who loves to write about stuff like video games alongside her diabetes posts.
  16. Lemonade Life : Allison Blass writes this touching and positive blog about her life with Type 1 diabetes in New York City.
  17. Diabetesaliciousness : Kelly Kunik writes with humor and positive energy while being a fierce advocate for diabetes issues.
  18. Very Old, Very Healthy Diabetic : Lori Rode was diagnosed in 1998 with Type 2 diabetes. Since then, she has made the decision to be a very old, very healthy diabetic! Follow her journey.
  19. Trying To Be Human : Kathy has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1983 and blogging about it since 2008.
  20. The Diabetic’s Corner Booth : Michael Hoskins blogs about Type 1 diabetes with the skill of a journalist and the honesty of someone who’s been living the life since he was 5. He writes poetry, too.
  21. Type 1 Rider : The Type1Rider blog follows mountain bike racer Tony Cervati as he manages his condition while preparing for races, and racing in them.
  22. The Diabetes Technology Blog : Bernard Farrell reviews new diabetes technology, including insulin pumps, on this blog.
  23. A Type 1 Diabetic’s Health Kick : Claire blogs about her daily habits and her quest to find the perfect insulin pump.
  24. Beyond Your Peripheral Vision : Auntly H has been blogging about diabetes since 2005 and is seen as an authority in the diabetic blogosphere. She takes the time to answer reader questions.
  25. Bitter-Sweet : Karen brings levity, photos, and honesty to her blog about her own diabetes journey.
  26. Diabetties : Marianne Szeto has been an active diabetes blogger since 2004. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 23, very unexpectedly. Her blog is meant to help show the world that women can be strong and sexy diabetics!
  27. Dam Diabetes : This is an interesting blog written by Molly, who manages her diabetes with the help of a service dog named Dixie. Dixie has been trained to tell Molly if her sugar is high, low, or dropping.
  28. Ninjabetic : Ninjabetic learned he had Type 1 diabetes at the age of 17, and just recently began to take care of himself properly. He says, “it takes a ninja” to live with diabetes.
  29. A Consequence of Hypoglycemia : Christopher thoughtfully writes about every aspect of his care program so others might learn something about it.
  30. I Run On Insulin : Alexis Pollak is a passionate diabetes advocate. She works in the pharmaceutical industry and wants as many people as possible to know that controlling their diabetes is the key to a long healthy life.
  31. Life After Dx : Wil is a type 1 diabetic who was one of the first adopters of the continuous glucose monitoring technology. His blog chronicles his CGM adventure.

Diabetes News and Updates

  1. Diabetes Mine : Amy Tenderich, who herself has adult-onset type 1 diabetes writes about every type of diabetes as well as caregivers and spouses.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes Blog : The blog of the Diabetes Guide on provides health care news and updates for Type 2 diabetes patients.
  3. Diabetes 24-7 : A great resource for diabetics since 2005, Diabetes 24-7 blogs about everything from ongoing research to tasty new diabetes-friendly recipes.
  4. Scott’s Web Log : Type 1 diabetic Scott Strumello writes his blog to keep the public informed about important developments, and to encourage fellow diabetics to read and do research for themselves.
  5. JJS Diabetes : This is a blog with diabetes news and commentary from a medical practice devoted solely to diabetes patients.
  6. Diabetes Sucks : Nikki is an insulin-pump-using Oklahoman who also happens to be the local Executive Director for the JDRF. Her blog combines JDRF news with interesting updates from the industry.
  7. Diabetes Update : Jenny posts news from clinical studies so readers can decide for themselves about drug therapy and other diabetes treatments.
  8. Running With Diabetes : Interesting blog about a Danish runner who runs in marathons and must manage his diabetes.

Blogs From Moms of Diabetics

  1. Diabetes Advocacy : Barb is the mother of a child with Type 1 diabetes. She is a fierce advocate and creator of diabetes advocacy dot com.
  2. Diabetes Self-Care : This blog is written by Wendy, a diabetic whose son and husband are also both diabetic. She writes about their experiences with continuous glucose monitors.
  3. My Son Has Diabetes : This blog is pink. Very pink. But you should still read it to get the perspective of a mom who has been dealing with her son’s diabetes since he was three years old.
  4. A Shot In The Dark : Sandra Miller has been blogging about her son’s fight with Type 1 diabetes since 2005.
  5. Mom Of A Diabetic Princess : Amy, who lives in Alaska, is the mom of four kids, one of whom is a diabetic. This is her story.