Top 50 Blogs Covering Dental and Oral Health

Dental and oral health is an extremely important part of overall wellness and an essential and basic part of public health. You might be surprised to find out about the deep connections between oral health and overall health. Luckily, there are many valuable and free dental health resources available online. We’ve searched the Web looking for the top 50 dental and oral health blogs and we’ve come up with a great list. We found blogs about dental news, blogs with dental health tips, and blogs for dentists to share with other dentists. Here they are, organized by categories:

Dentist Blogs

  1. Cottonwood Dental Group : Cottonwood Dental Group provides valuable insights and articles for their patients.
  2. – Holistic – Integrative Dental Blog : Interesting blog that writes about dental health from a holistic and alternative perspective. Ayurveda is just one of the alternative therapies discussed.
  3. Teeth Maestro : The Teeth Maestro blog has been written since 2004 by Dr. Awab Alvi, a Pakistani dentist educated in America. He writes about dentistry as well as current events affecting his homeland.
  4. Ask Dr. Spindel : Dr. Lawrence Spindel is a Manhattan dentist who answers common dental questions on his helpful and informative blog.
  5. Brookside Dental Blog : The mother-daughter team of dentists at Brookside Dental post informative articles to help current and prospective patients learn more about dentistry.
  6. Pediatric Dentistry : Dr. Dean Brandon, a pediatric dentist in Huntsville, AL, writes this excellent blog covering all aspects of pediatric dentistry.
  7. The Smile Journal : Dr. Matt Walton, a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, discusses orthodontic treatments and commonly asked questions on his blog.
  8. Dental Implant Professional : Ajou Huang of Taiwan writes this extremely detailed clinical blog about dental implants. Warning for the squeamish: there are many photos.
  9. The Daily Grind : Dr. John Gammichia writes this informative and thoughtful blog about the life and practice of a general dentist.
  10. Flap’s Dentistry Blog : Dr. Gregory “Flap” Cole blogs about his life and the strange and wonderful world of dentistry on this website.
  11. Queen Creek Dentistry Blog : Dr. Reza Jafari writes articles to educate his patients on a variety of dental health topics.
  12. Dr. Paul’s Dental Technology : Dr. Paul writes about new technology and the way that dentists can use it for a more effective practice.
  13. Marty Jablow DMD-Dental news and Technology Blog : Dr. Martin Jablow writes about new developments in dental technology on his blog, as well as results of research studies that he finds interesting.
  14. Teeth, Tech, and Truth : Dr. Jeff Rohde, founder of, blogs about new developments in dental technology and offers his opinions.
  15. Dental Health Center Blog : Thomas K. Hedge, D.D.S., a dentist based in Cincinnati, has put together a very high-quality blog loaded with good information for current and prospective clients.
  16. The Inci-Dental Blog : Dr. Chris O’Connor’s blog has excellent clinical case studies with photographs. This blog is definitely designed to be educational for dentists around the world.
  17. The Tooth Booth Dental Blog : Dr. Hans Skariah gives information about his dental practice, emergency dental tips, and news updates from the world of dental science on his blog.
  18. Musings of a Modern Hygienist : Lisa Higbee has been practicing in the field of dental hygiene for over 20 years. She provides insight into her life in the field, as well as legislative updates that affect the status of dental hygienists.
  19. DMDStudent dot com : Follow the journey of Ben, a real student, as he navigates Temple University dental school.
  20. Woodland Dental Hygiene-Kathleen Bernardi’s Blog : Kathleen Bernardi has taken advantage of recent Canadian legislation which allows hygienists to practice privately—without a dentist. Her blog discusses oral health as well as services she offers.
  21. Georgetown Smile Blog : Dr. A.J. Peretz and Dr. Lisa A. Marvil provide excellent information for their patients in this WordPress blog.
  22. Lilly Family Dentistry : This blog is provided as a service to Sioux City residents who want to know more about taking care of their oral health.
  23. Mental For Dental : This blog has interesting perspective from a UK dentist.
  24. Dr. Chetan : Dr. Chetan writes engaging original content about dental health topics on his blog, in a manner that the non-dentist can understand.

Dental News Blogs

  1. Dental Care Blog : You can find a wide variety of articles about dental health topics and the latest dental news on this blog.
  2. Perio-Talk : This is an interesting blog about news from the world of periodontics and dental implants.
  3. WorlDental : WorlDental, an online dental health magazine, features current dental news combined with informative articles on dental health topics.
  4. Dental Scholar News Blog : The Dental Scholar News blog has articles written by dentists, for dentists.
  5. Best Dentist News : Best Dentist News is geared toward providing timely, useful information for today’s well-informed dental patient.
  6. American Dental Association News : More a news feed than a blog, this portion of the ADA website is recommended reading for any dentist or oral health advocate.
  7. dental blogs dot com : features exclusive content by guest bloggers, marketing advice, and the latest in dental technology news.
  8. Mark L. Waltzer, D.M.D. : Dr. Waltzer, a dentist practicing in New Jersey, keeps his blog updated every couple of weeks. Posts are written in a friendly, congenial style.
  9. Dentistry News : This RSS page gives you an up-to-the-minute feed of news about dentistry from around the world.
  10. ScienceDaily: Dentistry News : Learn about exciting breakthroughs in the world of dental and oral health with the news on ScienceDaily.

Dental Resource Blogs

  1. Shawn Watson’s Dentistry Blog : Shawn Watson, the Guide to Dentistry, has over 10 years of experience in the dental field. She answers reader questions on her blog.
  2. Dr. : Dr. features the latest dental news as well as excellent articles about all aspects of dental care. Registration to the site is required.
  3. The Endo Blog : Interesting pictures, articles and diagrams mark this blog devoted to the clinical discussion of endodontics. Patient questions are not answered due to legal concerns.
  4. Sane Dentist Blog : The Sane Dentist Blog is not particularly pretty, but it is packed full of useful information about dental care.
  5. Dental Heroes : Cory Kemp writes articles on diverse topics from marketing for dental professionals to oral health tips.
  6. The Dental Implant Blog : It’s the official blog of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries, or ADIA. Theresa Duncan writes about practice management and oral health care on this blog.
  7. Academy of General Dentistry : The AGD is the leading organization that is focused on serving the general dentist, rather then the specialist. Their website has lots of dental news and tips for patients.
  8. Open Wide : The Chicago Dental Society blogs about dental health topics, reviews new products, and discusses public policy as it affects dentistry.
  9. Words For Dentists : Words For Dentists is a copywriting company that specializes in writing patient education materials for dentists. Their blog contains marketing advice for dentists and news about dental health.
  10. Emmott on Technology : Dr. Larry Emmott is considered one of the leading experts in dental technology. His blog focuses on new developments as well as industry news.
  11. Dental Health : This attractive blog has articles about dental problems of children as well as the difficulties many people have with getting dental insurance.
  12. Intelligent Dental : This blog, written by dentists and dental students, provides detailed articles about dental care and overall oral health. Many frequently asked patient questions are addressed.
  13. Teeth Removal dot com : was started by a person who had wisdom teeth removed and has had constant, terrible headaches ever since. The author aims to present resources about wisdom teeth removal and headaches.
  14. Got Teeth? : Saundra Goodman provides advice for people who are experiencing tooth loss or the threat of tooth loss. As a “survivor” of tooth loss, she wants other to know how to cope.
  15. Eastman Institute for Oral Health : The oral health blog of the University of Rochester Medical Center spotlights interesting dental professionals at the Institute as well as groundbreaking research.
  16. Dental Care and Dental Insurance : This blog provides interviews with other personalities in the dental blogosphere and educational articles. In addition, information about several different dental insurance plans is provided.