15 Q&A Blogs and Websites to Learn How Climate Changes Affect Your Health

Allergies are up and some say climate change is to blame. These blogs and websites have a bevy of Q&As over climate change and the effect it’s having on your health. Unlike epidemics that can be halted with modern medicine, there’s little the medical community can do to curb the repercussions of climate change. Read on for the skinny on how the shift in climate is contributing to your well being (or lack of).

WHO Global Change

At this official site of the World Health Organization, you can read how climate change is affecting health in various parts of the world. This site keeps you up to date with .

CDC – Climate Change

The CDC is committed to helping the public prepare for the health crisis that may be brought on by climate change. It has created an initiative with 10 major cities to prepare for climate change and the health ratifications.

Climate Science

This site is packed with information on the studies being done to track how climate change is affecting our health. Most of the reports are as recent as 2009. It also talks about the measures being taken by the U.S. government to put a strategic plan into effect if a pandemic happens.


The EPA’s site has ample information over the effects of climate change. There are guides over what to do during extreme heat, flooding and climate-sensitive diseases. This is a great read for those who want to learn about the possible outcomes from climate change


Read this site for a thorough look at climate change affecting our health. It’s estimated that 5 million people become ill from climate change and that number is expected to rise. This site has a few graphs that show climate change’s effect on different parts of the world and also discusses the rise in natural disasters.

One Earth

This blog covers climate change effects all over the world. Climate change means severe rain and drought, all which contribute to the lifestyle of the people inhabiting an area. Climate change affects the shortage of adequate healthcare in third world countries when there are thousands of people without food and water, because this is when disease can run rampant.

Switchboard NRDC Blog

The staff of the NRDC pen this blog that’s ripe with information on climate change and its hazardous effects on our health. While America is the richest country, it hardly means we’re prepared for the serious effects of climate change should a pandemic break out. The NRDC sees our health as being threatened in a major way by climate change.

Climate Change Health

This blog covers everything that’s happening with climate change, including ocean acidification and its effects on the weather. Also be sure to check out the climate change glossary to familiarize yourself with buzzwords you can expect to hear a lot of in coming years.

Healthy Americans

This site discusses staying healthy in America, even with climate change. There are always things you can do for yourself and your family to keep your immune systems in tip-top shape and this blog covers the precautions that should be taken to ward off disease. Climate change may bring a pandemic our government isn’t prepared for.

Global Change

This organization does research and conducts studies on climate change and how its affecting our air quality and water. Respiratory illnesses are on the rise in the U.S. and many scientists and doctors believe poor air is to blame.


This site deals almost exclusively with health and the climate’s impact on it. From earthquake repercussions to strings of tornadoes that wreak havoc for miles. It reminds us that during these trying times is when healthcare will suffer most.

Real Climate

This climate site talks about the recent reports and studies on climate change and also gives book reviews on the subject. There’s also a helpful side menu which covers climate change 101. This blog helps you better understand climate change and the global effects it will have on our health.

Life Goes Strong – Health Goes Strong

This family and health blog discusses climate change brining very real threats to our homes. As the planet warms, the brown recluse spider will become widespread. This means you’ll find this threatening furry spider in the Midwest and up through the East, where it used to be contained to just a few states.

The Health Culture

This health blog talks about healthcare and the environment. The government is quick to skip over researching the links between poor health and climate change, hoping that the problem will disappear. This site discusses the need for politicians to pay attention to the real threats we face as the planet grows warmer and hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes of epic proportion become the norm.

Health Canada

This site of the Canadian government talks about air quality and weather hazards that may come into play in the coming years. This site does a fantastic job of listing the facts without scaring the public or attempting to cause a frenzy over predictions.

Climate change is happening. Our society has contributed to these erratic changes, but modern science will hopefully have us prepared for any major health threats brought on by climate change. Socioeconomic impacts are also probable, which makes reading these blogs and sites all the more relevant before crisis strikes. Like other diseases, it is mostly children and the elderly who will suffer from these changes.