100 County Public Health Blogs Well Worth Reading

Health concerns vary depending on your state. In fact, they can differ depending on your county, which is why it is wise to keep up with local health news and alerts. The best way to do this is to read blogs and websites that are aimed at a county near you.

Some counties keep blogs with long articles about each topic, while many others simply keep their website updated with news, alerts, press releases, and calendars with important dates marked. The following is a list of some of the best county blogs that you should be reading in order to stay up-to-date on health news that affects your county.

Blogs for Northwest Counties

  1. Lewis County Public Health : This blog is based in Lewis County, Washington state. Read it to find out about the recent smoking statistics, heart disease rates, and more.
  2. Whitman County Public Health : This blog centers on a county in Washington state, and discusses H1N1 vaccines, National Public Health Week, and other interesting matters.
  3. Public Health: Seattle and King County : Read this blog for information pertaining to Seattle and surrounding areas, such as recent traffic fatality statistics and warnings of drownings.
  4. Kittitas County Public Health : Let this Washington blog update you on issues from immunizations to restaurant inspections.
  5. Multnomah County Health Department : If you live in Oregon, you might be interested in reading the updates regarding pregnancy, salmonella, and local health statistics.
  6. Jefferson County Public Health : If you want to find out about lake water quality and general health statistics, check out this blog, which is based in Washington.
  7. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department : This Washington-based blog is updated with health and safety tips for every month, along with more frequent news about upcoming events.
  8. Clark County Washington Public Health : Check out this site to get the latest news and events in the area, including upcoming classes and information about diseases.
  9. Kitsap County Health District : This Washington-based blog offers updates on air quality, water quality, ways to help the local homeless, and more.
  10. Umatilla County Public Health : If you live in Oregon, you can use this blog to check out vaccination clinics and even take a quiz to test out what you know about the flu.
  11. Walla Walla County Health Department : You can read the latest information about local vaccines that are available, as well as ways to help prevent illness, when you check out this Washington site.
  12. Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Department : If you live in Washington, you are probably as interested in having a healthy state as this site is, so use it to get some tips on staying in shape.
  13. Snohomish Health District : This Washington-based blog offers information on affordable dentists, H1N1 vaccines, disease prevention, and more.
  14. Whatcom County Health Department : Check out this Washington-based blog for information on H1N1, flu clinics, and asbestos, to name a few topics that are regularly updated.
  15. Grant County Health District : If you live in Washington and want to remain apprised of the local health news, check out this informative blog.

Blogs for West Coast Counties

  1. Department of Public Health – Los Angeles County : This huge California county has lots of news dealing with health, from local resources to updates on nearby informative summits that involve health issues.
  2. County of San Bernardino Department of Public Health : This California-based blog advises readers on how to prevent spreading diseases and how to stay healthy in general.
  3. Alameda County Public Health Department : Learn the date for local HIV testing and find out more about sugar-free products when you check out this California-based blog.
  4. The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department : This site keeps residents apprised of flu information, as well as important phone numbers.
  5. Santa Barbara County Public Health Department : Stay healthy in this California county when you read the latest news about food safety, recalls, and how to prepare for a pandemic.
  6. Riverside County Department of Public Health : Let this California-based blog keep you informed about disease trends in the area and nearby flu clinics.
  7. Kern Public Health : This California blog has a number of sections that cover plenty of news, from flu outbreaks to product recalls.
  8. Public Health: El Dorado County : This California county blog offers updates on swine flu, chickenpox cases, and more that might interest the locals.
  9. Butte County Public Health : If you live in this California county, you might want to check out updates on pertussis, local salmonella cases, and information about immunizations, to name a few topics.
  10. Merced County, CA – Public Health : Find out about the flu, health and safety programs, and more when you read this site.
  11. Sacramento County Public Health : This California website features tips, videos, and Twitter updates regarding health.
  12. Solano County – Public Health : Find out recent news on the flu in this California county, and read press releases to get updated about other county health news.
  13. County of Fresno – Public Health Department : This California-based blog offers updates regarding pertussis, rabies cases in the area, upcoming events, and much more.
  14. Kings County Department of Public Health : Find out important news updates, immunization information, local air quality, and more with this California-based site.
  15. San Mateo County – Health : Check out this blog’s spotlight and quick links to get the latest news for this California county.

Blogs for East Coast Counties

  1. Chatham County Public Health Department : This blog is based in North Carolina, and discusses ways that the department has helped the city, hurricane season, and other pressing matters related to Chatham County.
  2. Guilford County Blog : This site focuses on news relevant to Guilford County in North Carolina, discussing issues like swine flu and rabies vaccines.
  3. Pender County Health Department : If you live in this county in North Carolina, you will be interested in the health director’s blog.
  4. Montgomery County, MD : This blog discusses health issues and events that pertain to this county in Maryland.
  5. Alamance County Blog : Find out the latest news dealing with health in this blog from North Carolina.
  6. Durham County Government Public Health Department : Get information about the flu, foodborne illnesses, and upcoming events from this North Carolina-based blog.
  7. Watauga County Health Department : This North Carolina blog keeps the area informed about pandemics, restaurant inspections, and more news that would be considered relevant to residents.
  8. Buncombe County Department of Health : This North Carolina-based site informs citizens about the latest health news, such as product recalls and symptoms of a stroke, to name a few.
  9. Department of Public Health: Forsyth County, NC : This blog is updated frequently, showing residents a calendar of events and classes, as well as recently compiled statistics on topics like childhood obesity.
  10. Gaston County Health Department : Find out information about the flu, birth control, and more with this North Carolina-based site.
  11. Johnston County Public Health Department : This North Carolina-based blog offers information about flu shot clinics, general health services, and information on local events.
  12. Mecklenburg County Health Department : This North Carolina-based blog provides news on local clinics, mosquito control tips, and more.
  13. Harnett County Health Department : Learn how to prevent bug bites, get tested for certain types of cancer, and more with this North Carolina blog.
  14. Jackson County Department of Public Health : If you live in North Carolina, you might want to check out this site to get updated facts on nearby available flu vaccines and more.
  15. Surry County Health and Nutrition Center : Residents of this North Carolina county should give this blog a chance to update them on sun and pool safety, to name a few of the hot topics on the site.

Blogs for the Northeast

  1. Amherst Public Health Department : This Massachusetts town has its own blog that focuses on issues like local rabies clinics, H1N1 vaccines, and other important matters.
  2. Public Health – Monroe County, NY : Use this blog to get warnings and alerts about issues that could affect your family in New York.
  3. Public Health – Atlantic County Government : This New Jersey-based blog offers quizzes to test your preparedness for a storm, information on the quality of nearby ocean water, and more.
  4. Middlesex Health Department : If you are in New Jersey, you should be interested in the topics this blog brings up, such as recent health alerts and flu clinics that are coming up.
  5. Rensselaer County Public Health Department : Find out about available H1N1 flu vaccines near you, as well as alerts about recent recalls and frequent diseases when you read this New York-based blog.
  6. Lewis County Public Health : This New York-based blog lets readers know about recent recalls, swine flu updates, and other important bulletins.
  7. Ontario County Public Health : Find out about available vaccines in this New York county and more when you read this blog.
  8. St. Lawrence County Public Health Department : Get the local news about health and safety from this site if you live in this New York county.
  9. Seneca County Public Health : This New York blog mentions upcoming meetings and clinics, as well as news regarding recent disease outbreaks.
  10. Madison County Department of Health : Check out the news section of this New York site to get the latest information on health alerts and more.
  11. Montgomery County Health Department : If you reside in Pennsylvania, you should be interested in the news reported here, such as clinic schedules, rabies incidents, and available vaccines.
  12. Warren County Health Department : If you live in New Jersey, you should check out this blog, which offers recall information, local health alerts, and more.
  13. Allegheny County Health Department : Find out about local contests, air quality updates, water quality, and more with this blog, which is based in Pennsylvania.

Blogs for the Midwest

  1. McHenry County Blog : This blog educates the residents of McHenry County in Illinois about local issues.
  2. Healthy Rice County : This blog covers the health issues of Rice County, Minnesota, such as dieting and health care spending.
  3. Washtenaw County Public Health : As one of Michigan’s public health blogs, this site offers information about the dangers of mosquitoes, HIV testing, pertussis, and more.
  4. Cook County Department of Public Health : Find out about recall alerts, information about the flu, and news about certain diseases when you read this blog, which is targeted toward the Chicago area.
  5. Dupage County Health Department : This Illinois-based blog offers alerts about diseases that have been recently reported in the area, as well as reminders about helpful classes coming up.
  6. Will County Health : This Illinois-based site has a list of hot topics that advise of recent outbreaks of disease and available vaccines at nearby clinics.
  7. St. Charles County Missouri Department of Community Health & the Environment : This blog offers updates about getting into shape at work, and even features a YouTube channel and a Facebook page.
  8. Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health : Check out this Iowa-based site for news on upcoming disease testing, as well as daily quizzes that are also posted on the Twitter page.
  9. Macomb County Michigan: Health Department : This blog focuses not only on public health and safety of residents, but also environmental health and the safety of animals.
  10. Ingham County Health Department : This Michigan-based blog offers frequent updates regarding important dates, such as hazardous waste collection days and National HIV Test Day.
  11. Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County : This Ohio-based blog keeps readers informed about recent restaurant inspections, and also includes tools and contests for staying in shape.
  12. Cape Girardeau County Missouri Public Health Department : Get flu updates and up-to-date health alerts when you visit this Missouri website.
  13. Scott County Health Department : If you live in Iowa, you should consider visiting this blog to find out the latest news about clinic hours and upcoming programs.
  14. Ramsey County Public Health : Get to know the latest news about immunizations, recycling, and other issues that might affect you when you read this Minnesota blog.
  15. Johnson County Health Department : If you live in Kansas, you should check out this site, which is full of various newsletters, calendars, and other useful information.

Blogs for the South

  1. Charlotte County Health Department Administrator’s Blog : Get the facts firsthand from Florida’s Charlotte County health blog. Find out what this department does, and tips on how to help the environment.
  2. Greenup County Health Department Blog : Learn about domestic violence, smoking, sun safety, and more from this Kentucky-based blog.
  3. Tarrant County Public Health : This huge Texas county has a hugely informative blog to go with it. Find out about special days and weeks dealing with health, such as National Men’s Health Week, as well as hints for handling heat and food safely.
  4. Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services : If you want to know how to find out if you have the flu or just a cold, or need to know about local immunization clinics, check out this Texas site.
  5. Orange County Health Department : This Florida-based blog keeps readers knowledgeable about upcoming classes and seminars, as well as helpful videos that are updated often.
  6. Miami-Dade County Health Department : This Florida-based blog is updated often with news on helpful workshops, swimming advisories, salt intake, and plenty more.
  7. Cobb & Douglas Public Health : If you live in Georgia, you should be interested in this blog, which is often updated with tips to help prevent heatstroke, rabies, and teen pregnancy. You can also use it to find out a bit about local classes coming up.
  8. Public Health Services: Arlington, Virginia : Let this blog keep you updated on how to prevent the flu, as well as locations and dates of vaccination clinics.
  9. Bell County Public Health District : This Texas site provides news releases and updated information on available vaccines, such as for H1N1.
  10. Jefferson County Department of Health : If you live in Alabama, you should be interested in finding out about immunization requirements for local schools, air quality updates, and more from this blog.
  11. Metro Public Health Department : This health site governs Nashville and Davidson County in Tennessee, and offers information about asbestos, immunizations, and more.
  12. Mobile County Health Department : If you live in Alabama, you should regularly check out this blog for news on flu vaccines and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, to name a few important topics.
  13. Health Department – Knox County : Residents of this Tennessee county should check out this blog to find out about local programs, free cooking demonstrations, and disease management workshops.
  14. Alachua County Health Department : Let this Florida blog update you on local clinic hours and swine flu vaccines.
  15. Duval County Health Department : This Florida-based site offers tips on staying safe in the sun, and also offers rabies alerts for the area.

Blogs for the Southwest

  1. Department of Public Health –Maricopa County : This blog advises those in the Phoenix, Arizona area on how to deal with mosquitoes, create an exercise plan, and prevent accidental poisoning, among other topics.
  2. Pinal County Public Health : This Arizona-based blog provides hot headlines ranging from swine flu updates to how to survive the oppressive summer heat.
  3. Pima County Health Department : Get the latest facts on important issues from this blog, which is based in the Tucson, Arizona area.
  4. Catron County Health Council : Learn timeless advice in this blog from New Mexico, such as how to protect your skin from the sun, and information about secondhand smoke.
  5. Public Health: Jefferson County, CO : Learn a bit about well water, preventing diseases spread by animals, and more in this Colorado-based blog.
  6. Boulder County Public Health : Use this Colorado blog to find out about local news, such as information about rabies, medical marijuana, and more.
  7. Yuma County, Arizona: Health : This Arizona county, which is close to the border of California, features a blog that provides information on ways to keep children as safe as possible, and tips for testing for certain diseases.
  8. Navajo County Public Health Services : Learn about local health clinics, available vaccines, and more with this Arizona blog.
  9. Ravalli County – Public Health : This Montana site offers information about H1N1 vaccines, pertussis, and other health issues.
  10. Yavapai County Community Health Services : This blog, which is based in northern Arizona, offers information about diseases seen recently in the area, workshops, and local health programs.
  11. BYU Public Health : Brigham Young University in Utah has its own public health site so it can focus on issues relevant to its campus.
  12. Weld County: Department of Public Health and Environment : If you are located in Colorado, you should check out this site’s press releases and hot topics dealing with health.