MastersinPublicHealth.net was created in 2009 by Mary and Paul Hench. Our impetus for creating the website came after we spent two frustrating months researching the various masters in public health programs for Mary who was planning on enrolling.

Not finding a reliable database of information on the campus and online MPH programs available, we set about compiling this information in a massive excel spreadsheet. Being a meticulous person by nature, Paul went overboard in compiling this information. But at the end of our efforts, we have created a complete list of accredited MPH degrees along with links to the programs and some basic information about the programs. So we decided to create a website to put this information online so that in the future MPH students can use this list of schools.

We are updating this list pretty frequently, but since we don’t generate any revenue from this site and we both have busy lives which often prevent us from looking at the website until the weekends. So, if you note any errors on the site, or find a school that we’ve either overlooked or mis-characterized, we’d appreciate your patience and we’ll do our best to fix it.